Instructions for Presenters

Students may present their work in one of four formats:

  1. Poster Presentation
  2. Oral Presentation
  3. Artistic or Creative Presentation
  4. Musical Performance
  5. Film Presentation

Regardless of format, proposals should reflect the efforts of a single individual or a collaboration of up to 6 people.  The efforts of all who collaborated in a significant manner on the work to be presented must be listed as authors/artists.

All presentations must have a Georgia State University undergraduate student as the primary author and a Georgia State University faculty member as a sponsor. Students may submit only one project as a first author/artist.  Work presented at a previous GSURC cannot be presented a second time.

Prior to acceptance, the GSURC Advisory Board will review all proposals. Submission does not guarantee acceptance. We encourage students to work closely with faculty sponsors to submit their very best work.

Before you begin the proposal submission process, please be sure you have:

  • The submission’s title
  • The abstract (up to 350 words)
  • The electronic format of your file, or hyperlink to your file
  • Identified a Faculty Sponsor and discussed the implications of submitting your work to GSURC

Poster presentations are concise descriptions of a scientific study or other project.  Components of posters often include an introduction to the work, a research question, hypothesis, or statement of problem to be solved; a description of the method used; the results or finished product; and a discussion of the importance of the work to the field and/or society or a conclusion.

Guidelines for Submitting your Poster Proposal
If presenting a scientific study, submit an abstract with the following sections:  introduction, method, results, and discussion/conclusion. Clearly identify the sections with bold font. If you have a project or work that is not a scientific study, submit a brief description of the motivation behind the work, the medium or methods used, and a discussion of the works meaning or importance.  Include any information that will help a reviewer evaluate your proposal. Follow the example below.

Instructions for Presenting your Poster
At the conference poster session, the author/artist(s) stand beside the poster and answer questions from conference participants. Often, authors/artists have a copy of the poster duplicated on 8.5 x 11 in. sheet of paper as a handout. GSURC will provide the poster boards for displaying posters.  The title of the poster, the name of the faculty sponsor, and author's department/school must be at the top of the poster. Posters may not exceed 48" width and 36" height. 

Sample Poster Submission 

Oral presentations are delivered orally and are based on a fully developed paper. Oral presentations are not read from a paper, but provide a thorough synopsis of the paper. Some oral presentations include audio-visuals, but these are not required. Oral presentations generally last 10 minutes with 5 minutes saved for questions from conference participants.

Guidelines for submitting your Oral Presentation
Submit an abstract describing the paper's thesis and relevance to the field.  In many cases, an abstract is equivalent to the first introductory paragraph of a paper that sets out the importance of the topic and the purpose of the paper. The full paper must be submitted no later than March 20, 2020 so that judges assigned to your presentation have the opportunity to read your full paper prior to your presentation. Follow the example below.

Instructions for Delivering your Oral Presentation
At the conference, four presentations will be scheduled in each presentation room per hour. Out of respect for all presenters, authors are required to attend the full one-hour session for which their presentation is scheduled. Oral presenters must bring any supplemental audiovisual materials on a flash drive prior to the session so they can be loaded onto the computer and may choose to have copies of their papers on hand for distribution to their audience.

Sample Oral Presentation Submission 

A range of methods to display artistic and creative projects is possible and we encourage artists to submit their work.

Guidelines for submitting your Artistic Display/Creative Works
Submit an abstract (up to 200 words) introducing the work, the problem or question asked by the work, research processes, medium used, and any conclusion drawn from the work from the artist's point of view. Include any information that will help a reviewer evaluate your proposal. If an Artistic Design submission, follow the format below:

Title of the work: 
Dimension (Size in inches):
Name (Artist’s Name):
Program (Area of Study):
Student Contact (GSU email):
200 Words describing your work (Research Method/Statement):
Image of your work (at least 300 dpi): 

Instructions for Presenting your Artistic Display/Creative Works
Works of art will be displayed concurrently with the poster sessions and students will stand with their work to answer questions from conference participants and judges. Artists may have a description of their work duplicated on a 8.5 x 11 in. sheet of paper as a handout. Creative Work and performance submissions will be evaluated on a case by case basis to determine the best method through which to showcase the presentations.

Sample Artistic Display Submission 

Performance submissions will be evaluated on a case by case basis to determine the best method through which to showcase the presentation.
Guidelines for submitting your Musical Performances
Submit an abstract introducing the work (composer, instrumentation, context, performer(s), etc.) and the rationale for the submission of the work. In the case of performances of previously existing works, the abstract should clearly explain the performer(s)’ interpretive decisions including choice of repertoire, and their distinct creative impact on the listener’s perception of the work. For performers proposing a lecture-performance of an existing work, please include a recording of the work with the proposer(s) performing on the recording, as well as an outline of the proposed lecture. If you are submitting an original composition to be performed, include the impetus and rationale behind the creation of the work and also include a copy of the score with the submission.

Instructions for Presenting your Musical Performance
The total duration of the lecture-performance should be 15 minutes (10 minutes to perform and/or present and 5 minutes for questions). Musical performances will be presented during the oral session time block and students will be required to present their work (live or recorded) and to answer questions from conference participants/judges. Musicians may have a description of their work (abstract or musical score) duplicated on an 8.5 x 11 in. sheet of paper as a handout.

Sample Performance Submission 

Guidelines for Submitting Your Film for Consideration in GSURC

Film and motion media-makers working in any genre are encouraged to submit a proposal.

Submit a brief abstract that provides the focus of your film work. Include what you want the audience take from your concept, your research methods, use of medium, choice of sound design and image and genre to illustrate your idea.

  • Title:
  • Name:
  • Format:
  • Genre:
  • Running time:
  • Program of Study:
  • Student Contact (GSU email):
  • Brief Abstract:

Instructions for Presenting your Film Work

The total duration of screening and talk should be 15 minutes (10 minutes to screen work and 5 minutes for questions). Students will be required present their work and to answer questions from conference participants and judges. Film-makers may have a description of their work duplicated on an 8.5 x 11 in. sheet of paper as a handout.